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Supplies for Rick McClure's

Rick specifies specific brands of brushes below and they are lot available at local art stores, you can order them online but please feel free to substitute with your favorite brushes

Workshop supplies can be purchased at: Jerry's Artarama, Askew Taylor, AC Moore or Michaels:

CAMERA: Bring a small point and shoot digital camera. You will photograph the subject matter you paint on location Monday and bring a printed photo of it on Tuesday to help you with your studio piece.

EASEL: A Portable field easel. You can spend $40 or $450 on an easel, here's the type of easel Nicole uses and it's very inexpensive:

CANVAS/BOARDS: For Day 1, bring at least 2 8x10 panels for your plein air study. For Days 2 and 3 bring at least 1 16 x 20 canvas for your studio piece.

PALETTE: If you don't have a fancy plein air easel, you can purchase a plastic lidded palette and a pad of palette paper to fit inside. Use basic clamps you find at any H/W store to clip the palette to your easel. Click here for a photo example

Oil or Water Soluble oils in the following colors:

• Cad. Yellow Light or Cad. Yellow Pale
• Cad. Red Light
• Alizarin Crimson

• Cerulean Blue
• Ultramarine Blue
• Viridian
• Transparent Oxide Brown
• Yellow Ochre
• Titanium White


2- #2 Bristle Flats
2- #4 Bristle Flats
2- #6 Bristle Flats
1- #8 Bristle Flat
1- #4 Performen Black Sable Bright
1- #10 Performen Black Sable Bright
1- #16 performen Black Sable Bright
1- #2 Script
** Rick doesn't use filberts but if you use them please bring your favorites, you may also substitute your own flats/brights for the sizes above

It would be ideal to have a box to transport your wet canvas in, but all of the painting locations will be close to your parking spot, so you can merely carry them to your trunk if you prefer

A lidded brush cleaning tank filled with odorless mineral spirits is best. They are fairly expensive, but worth it to keep your solvent from spilling all over the pavement!

SOLVENT: Please bring ONLY odorless solvent: Gamsol or Turpenoid.


• Razor Scraper

• Paper Towels

• Plastic Grocery Bags

• Hat/Cap

• Sunblock

• Drinking Water